Thursday, October 15, 2020: The motion that Councillors Mike Layton and Josh Matlow presented re the Avenue Road Pedestrian Safety Improvement Pilot Project to the members of the  Toronto and East York Community Council meeting was approved.
More info and link to watch the Committee HERE.

Thanks to Councillor Mike Layton and Councillor Josh Matlow and Members of the Community Council and the 21 Organizations who support the goals of WIDER SIDEWALKS on Avenue Road (St.Clair to Bloor).

Now it must also be approved by City Council on October 29th.




Plan to widen sidewalks on Avenue Road is set for community council

Residents must now tread carefully along narrow sidewalks on the hilly, high-speed stretch between St. Clair West and Bloor.

Avenue Road says a lot about our city, even if it’s no longer what we want to hear.
The hilly, six-lane stretch between St. Clair West and Bloor literally roars with speeding motor traffic. In some spots, pedestrians tread cautiously along narrow sidewalks separated from the road by one-metre high corrugated steel guardrails.  DETAILS HERE

Have you noticed these banners on Avenue Road ?

Take a selfie with the banners and post
@ARSCSafety   @AvenueSafeForAll

on Avenue Road

Avenue Road is not safe for pedestrians.
Cars go too fast and sidewalks are too narrow.
Wider sidewalks and slower speeds are the answer.

You can support this goal by writing to the Members of the Toronto and East York Community Council using the direct link:

– Please tell them this problem needs more than sympathy
– ask them to approve a temporary installation to widen the sidewalks along Avenue Road  NOW!
– point out that it is possible as demonstrated with the COVID-19 widening of sidewalks for cafes and
– this pilot can serve as a study for more permanent solutions.

On September 29th, local residents gathered for a (socially distanced) press conference in Jay Macpherson Green to bring to light concerns about the safety of Avenue Road for pedestrians and cyclists.


The press conference was held by ARSC (The Avenue Road Safety Coalition). ARSC is a coalition made up of residents associations, including ABCRA, and school parent councils with the aim of encouraging the city to set up a pilot project that would widen Avenue Road sidewalks between St. Clair Avenue West and Bloor Street West. The Avenue Road Safety Coalition’s goals are being supported these 21 Toronto-wide organizations.  

  • 8 80 Cities
  • ABC Residents Association
  • Amica Senior Lifestyles
  • Annex Residents’ Association
  • Bells on Bloor
  • Brentwood Towers Tenants Association
  • Brown Junior Public School and Parent Council
  • Church of the Redeemer
  • Clark Faber Fiksel LLP
  • Cottingham Junior Public School and Parent Council 
  • Cottingham Square Residents Association
  • Cycle Toronto Midtown
  • De La Salle College “Oaklands” 
  • Deer Park Residents Group
  • Friends and Families for Safe Streets
  • ISKCON Toronto – Hare Krishna Temple
  • Pears on the Avenue Condo Residents
  • Rathnelly Area Residents Association
  • St. Clare MultiFaith Housing Society
  • Toronto Community Bikeways Coalition
  • Walk Toronto

We thank these organizations who are supporting the Avenue Road Safety Coalition’s goal to widen the dangerously narrow sidewalks.

Councillors Mike Layton and Josh Matlow have said they are meeting with Transportation Services staff to try to find a way to address ARSC’s concerns and will be bringing our concerns to the October 15th Toronto & East York Community Council meeting.

You can make your concerns known by circulating this information to the members of the Toronto and East York Community Council (

For more information visit:  and make your concerns known by circulating this information and writing to your councillor.


To see photos of Avenue Road sidewalks with measurements, click HERE