“The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims  held a candle lit walk on Avenue Road yesterday (November 21st) to draw attention to this dangerous highway.

It was a great event and it was the ARSC’s honour to stand with Friends and Families for Safe Streets and other Road safety advocacy groups to honour the memory of road violence victims and to support their families on this Day of Remembrance.

It also reinforced the ARSC’s goals and mission to demand action from our Mayor and city councillors to end the senseless road violence on our city’s streets and prioritize Vision Zero strategies and initiatives throughout the city. 

We thank the 80+ friends and neighbours, who attended the event in the COLD and the RAIN to honour the pedestrians and cyclists who have been killed or seriously injured by cars on Avenue Road and other dangerous roadways in the city. 

Our deepest condolences to their families and friends, may their loved ones Rest In Peace.” 

READ MORE (and see MANY photos) HERE

Big changes are happening in Toronto.
Our neighbourhoods are growing as is the demand for safe roads and walkable communities.

NO more studies or tragedies.

It has been a year since the AVENUE ROAD SAFETY COALITION AND 21 other organizations representing many hundreds of Toronto pedestrians and cyclists who are speaking up to support the Avenue Road Safety Coalition’s goal to widen the dangerously narrow sidewalks along Avenue Road. Your banners and our Community Safety Day press conference attracted much media and community support. THANK YOU!

Councillor Layton and Councillor Matlow responded by recommending a study of Avenue Road as a 4-lane highway rather than a 6-lane expressway.

Joint Letter (LINK) to Barbara Gray, General Manager at City of Toronto Transportation Services Division.
Sadly, we have seen zero action taken by city staff and there has recently been another tragedy on Avenue Road.

HOWEVER it is our great fortune that the private sector has seen the problem and they have STEPPED UP demonstrating leadership and showing what can be done.

Celebrated public-realm architects Brown + Storey Architects Inc. (B+SAi) have created a bold plan to RE-INVENT AVENUE ROAD. On September 13, they will be unveiling their inspiring designs for a renewed Avenue Road – from Bloor Street to St. Clair Avenue.


Avenue Road is not safe for pedestrians.
Cars go too fast and sidewalks are too narrow.
Wider sidewalks and slower speeds are the answer.

Watch the
Video to learn more about the issues.

Too fast !
Too furious !
ARSC has a solution.

On September 29th, local residents gathered for a (socially distanced) press conference in Jay Macpherson Green to bring to light concerns about the safety of Avenue Road for pedestrians and cyclists.

Thursday, October 15, 2020: The motion that Councillors Mike Layton and Josh Matlow presented the Avenue Road Pedestrian Safety Improvement Pilot Project to the members of the Toronto and East York Community Council meeting was approved.


Thanks to Councillor Mike Layton and Councillor Josh Matlow and Members of the Community Council and the 21 Organizations who support the goals of WIDER SIDEWALKS on Avenue Road (St.Clair to Bloor).


You can support this goal by writing to the Members of the Toronto and East York Community Council using the direct link: teycc@toronto.ca

The aim of the Avenue Road Safety Coalition is to encourage the city to set up a pilot project that would widen Avenue Road sidewalks between St.Clair Avenue West and Bloor Street West. This goal is supported by these 21 Toronto-wide organizations.

  • 8 80 Cities
  • ABC Residents Association
  • Amica Senior Lifestyles
  • Annex Residents’ Association
  • Bells on Bloor
  • Brentwood Towers Tenants Association
  • Brown Junior Public School and Parent Council
  • Church of the Redeemer
  • Clark Faber Fiksel LLP
  • Cottingham Junior Public School and Parent Council 
  • Cottingham Square Community Association
  • Cycle Toronto Midtown
  • De La Salle College “Oaklands” 
  • Deer Park Residents Group
  • Friends and Families for Safe Streets
  • ISKCON Toronto – Hare Krishna Temple
  • Pears on the Avenue Condo Residents
  • Rathnelly Area Residents Association
  • Clare MultiFaith Housing Society
  • Toronto Community Bikeways Coalition
  • Walk Toronto 

We thank these organizations who are supporting the Avenue Road Safety Coalition’s goal to widen the dangerously narrow sidewalks.

@ARSCSafety   @AvenueSafeForAll 

To see photos of Avenue Road sidewalks with measurements, click HERE