Walking on a tightrope nect to a highway

‘Walking on a tightrope next to a highway’: Coalition, councillor call for wider sidewalks on Avenue Road

A coalition of concerned residents is calling on the city to consider widening the sidewalks alongside Avenue Road, a busy six-lane arterial running through midtown. (Richard Agecoutay/CBC News)

Avenue Road is known for high-end shopping, posh hotels, and multiple private schools.
It’s also known, some residents say, for having dangerously-narrow sidewalks alongside heavy traffic.

“It’s unsafe right now,” said Albert Koehl, a member of the Avenue Road Safety Coalition. “This street is no longer consistent with a modern downtown area.”
Koehl, a 25-year resident of midtown Toronto, is among those calling on the city to consider widening the sidewalks alongside the busy six-lane arterial road.

“People just want to live their lives on this street as we do in quiet residential areas, but it’s still treated as a thoroughfare, as a highway, and that’s inconsistent with what I think our Vision Zero road safety plan wants to do,” he added.

The coalition, which includes residents’ associations, school groups and other organizations, has reached out to local councillor Josh Matlow to take their mission to city hall, and Matlow said he’s started a process to have city staff review Avenue Road and consult with stakeholders.


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