The Avenue Road Safety Coalition (ARSC) represents the concerns of the residents and visitors to Avenue Road who walk and cycle between Bloor Street and St. Clair Avenue. We embody the City’s Planning Objective to “create the right balance of space for pedestrians, cyclists, transit and vehicles.”

This 2.1-kilometre stretch of Avenue Road between St. Clair Avenue and Bloor Street West is a six-lane, high-speed road that is unsafe and hostile to pedestrians and cyclists. The sidewalks are substandard and dangerously narrow, especially when considering the speeding cars and trucks.

This is what a 6-lane Avenue Road looks like

Tuesday, October 31, 2023, around 9 a.m., during rush hour on Avenue Rd. just south of Davenport. Speeding traffic and dangerously narrow sidewalks is not a good combination. Avenue Road Safety Coalition continues to advocate for design changes to make Avenue Road a safer thoroughfare for all.

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Toronto City Hall

Mayor Olivia Chow launches 2024 Budget Consultations

From November 1 to 30, 2023, Toronto residents are invited to share their ideas about the City’s 2024 Budget and Toronto’s future in virtual and in-person consultations and through an online survey available on the City’s 2024 Budget webpage.

Mayor Chow and Toronto City Council will use the feedback to help inform decision making at the City and to support discussions with the Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada to secure a new deal for Toronto.

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distracted driver holding cell phone while driving

Distracted drivers at Avenue Rd. & Davenport

Toronto police officer stops 3 distracted drivers — all on their cellphones — at the same time

On Monday afternoon, Toronto police officer Kirk Papadopoulos was parked on a curbside near Avenue Road and Davenport Road in his unmarked car when he stopped three distracted drivers within the span of about 30 seconds.

Papadopoulos said he saw a vehicle rolled up beside him and noticed a distracted driver.

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Camillien Houde Way, Montreal

Montreal’s Mayor Reclaims a Famous Road From Cars and Trucks

Camillien-Houde Way, the road that winds up Montreal’s iconic Mount Royal, will be closed to most vehicles, the mayor of Montreal announced Wednesday.

Mayor Valérie Plante presented what she called an “ambitious vision” for the road at a news conference on Wednesday. It will be reserved for pedestrians and cyclists but emergency vehicles will be able to use it when needed, she said. 

“We’re taking out the asphalt and we’re putting in trees,” she said.

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New York City traffic congestion

We’re Taking New York City’s Streets Back — and Then We’re Coming for the Rest of the Country

Over the summer, New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority held meetings to discuss how to organize its congestion pricing toll for drivers entering Manhattan south of 60th Street…

…The fury around congestion pricing is part of a larger debate that has animated a great deal of big city politics of late: Who owns the streets? The public right of way can occupy as much as one-third of the land in big U.S. cities, and various residents have begun to ask if there might be better things to do with all that territory than moving and storing cars.

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Wider Sidewalks Now video opening image

Wider Sidewalks Now Video

In 2020, the Avenue Road Safety Coalition made a video to illustrate the safety issues posed by the narrow sidewalks in the 6-lane section of Avenue Rd. between Bloor Street and St. Clair Avenue. We spoke to many residents, business owners and local residents’ association members about the problems and potential solutions.
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ARSC in the News

Sign at Kartik Saini memorial ride: "A cyclist was killed here last week"

‘Our family is shattered’: Relatives mourn death of Sheridan College student at dangerous Toronto intersection

Kartik Saini, 20, died after being struck and dragged by a pickup at St. Clair Avenue and Yonge Street on Wednesday afternoon.

Parveen Saini says his family has “lost everything” after his 20-year-old nephew Kartik Saini, an international student from India, was struck and killed by a pickup truck driver making an apparent illegal right turn on Wednesday in Toronto.

Albert Koehl, ARSC speaks to City News

Cyclist death renews calls for improved road safety

Albert Koehl, Avenue Road Safety Coalition, is calling for a redesign of Avenue Road to improve safety.

City News reporter Melissa Nakhavoly speaks to the investments some would like the city to make to prevent deadly incidents from occurring.

Avenue Road proposal

New proposal would turn part of high-speed Toronto road into a linear park

A group of concerned citizens and an architecture firm are proposing to create a new linear park along Avenue Road to improve walkability and safety.

The proposal calls for the stretch of Avenue between Bloor Avenue West and St. Clair Avenue West to be reduced from six lanes of traffic down to four, which would allow for sidewalks to be widened 240 per cent from their current width and accommodate 500 new trees.