Back to school safety

It’s Back to School time and the Avenue Road Safety Coalition is sharing “Back to School” Safety Tips to ensure that everyone has a safe school year.

As the summer ends and the new school year starts, the traffic on our roads gets back to normal levels. People will be walking, cycling and driving to school. The Avenue Road Safety Coalition would like to share the following “Back to School” Safety Tips and how to travel and share our roads safely with all road users.

Back to school safety tips

  1. Slow down and observe School Safety Zone speed limits
  2. Stop for school buses with flashing lights
  3. Obey school crossing guards
  4. Be alert for school children walking and cycling to/from school

The Avenue Road Safety Coalition would also like to share the following message from the Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister of Canada and a resident in our neighbourhood.

March 25, 2021

For more back to school safety tips and ways to share the roads safely, read the Government of Canada’s Get Prepared for Back to School Safety!

The Avenue Road Safety Coalition wishes everyone a safe back to school season!