Pedestrians at Bloor and Yonge

197 pedestrians struck by Toronto drivers in 45 days

Toronto is experiencing a surge in pedestrians struck by drivers, and though the year is only a month and a half underway, the city has already recorded a jaw-dropping 197 cases of motor vehicles colliding with pedestrians since January 1, 2023.

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Speeding car at night

Photo radar said the car was going more than 70 km/h over the limit. How the owner fought the charge — and won

At 3:12 a.m. on Aug. 15, 2021, an automated speed enforcement (ACE) camera on Avenue Road took a photo that showed a driver racing north on the six-lane roadway at 121 km/h, well above the posted limit of 50 km/h. The owner of the vehicle was issued a $1,400 fine, the large amount calculated over how much over the limit the vehicle was going.

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Pedestrians on snowy street

We wish you the best for a safe and happy holiday!

Please stay alert! When drivers are distracted by weather, poor driving conditions and all the rush and bustle of season, pedestrians are at even more risk.

The recent piece in the Globe and Mail, For pedestrians in Toronto, there’s a near-death experience waiting at every intersection serves as a stark reminder to all our Avenue Road supporters their friends and families to be careful and safe during this busy holiday season.

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Sign at Kartik Saini memorial ride: "A cyclist was killed here last week"

‘Our family is shattered’: Relatives mourn death of Sheridan College student at dangerous Toronto intersection

Kartik Saini, 20, died after being struck and dragged by a pickup at St. Clair Avenue and Yonge Street on Wednesday afternoon.

Parveen Saini says his family has “lost everything” after his 20-year-old nephew Kartik Saini, an international student from India, was struck and killed by a pickup truck driver making an apparent illegal right turn on Wednesday in Toronto.

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New Ward 11 Councillor Dianne Saxe

Congratulations to new Ward 11 Councillor Dianne Saxe!

The Avenue Road Safety Coalition is fortunate to have a dream team advocating for improved pedestrian safety. Dianne along with returning Councillor Josh Matlow, will be our voices for a safer Avenue Road at City Council.

Dianne Saxe is an Environmental Lawyer with an impressive range of accomplishments and advocacy work.

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Traffic - blame cars not cyclists

Stuck in traffic in your car? Blame motorists, not cyclists or pedestrians

My heart goes out to the reporter on this story; spending four hours in a car in Toronto’s hellish rush hour is not for the faint of heart. She cites several causes of our ever-worsening traffic woes, including her observations that “pandemic-era boons to city life, like CaféTO and more protected bike lanes, have reduced the amount of space for drivers.”

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School Zone sign

Back to school safety

It’s Back to School time and the Avenue Road Safety Coalition is sharing “Back to School” Safety Tips to ensure that everyone has a safe school year.

As the summer ends and the new school year starts, the traffic on our roads gets back to normal levels. People will be walking, cycling and driving to school.  The Avenue Road Safety Coalition would like to share the following “Back to School” Safety Tips and how to travel and share our roads safely with all road users.

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Yonge Street - complete street pilot

ActiveTO Midtown Complete Street Pilot Monitoring Report

The City of Toronto recently published the results of their report analyzing the data they have collected to help evaluate the Midtown Complete Street Pilot.  There has been NO increased traffic Avenue Road as a result of the Yonge Street Pilot.

The report summarizes Vehicle travel time data and Vehicle, Bicycle and Pedestrian counts from May 2021 to June 2022 in an easy to read charts and pictographs.

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