Congratulations to new Ward 11 Councillor Dianne Saxe!

The Avenue Road Safety Coalition is fortunate to have a dream team advocating for improved pedestrian safety. Dianne along with returning Councillor Josh Matlow, will be our voices for a safer Avenue Road at City Council.

Dianne Saxe is an Environmental Lawyer with an impressive range of accomplishments and advocacy work.

The Avenue Road Safety Coalition (ARSC) was pleased to hear that Dianne Saxe is a strong advocate for Road Safety in our city and would like to share with you Dianne’s letter to the ARSC and her desire “to make Avenue Road safer, quieter, and more vibrant for the people, who live, work and play here … We need to dedicate more road space to people, not cars: wider sidewalks, intersections that put pedestrians safety first and protected bike lanes … We need to stop reckless drivers from speeding, with fewer lanes, visual cues and enforcement.”

The ARSC’s goal is to build awareness of the unsafe road conditions on Avenue Road, to  advocate for safer road designs for all vulnerable road users and embodies the TOcore objective to “create the right balance of space for pedestrians, cyclists, transit and vehicles”. 

With Dianne Saxe as our new Ward 11 City Councillor, we look forward to her road safety advocacy and support of the Avenue Road Safety Coalition, as we work towards immediate pedestrian safety tactical interventions and road safety improvements on Avenue Road through our ongoing collaboration with Transportation Services staff on the Avenue Road Study. 

Councillor Saxe’s Letter to ARSC