Cyclist struck by construction truck on Avenue Road in Yorkville dies in hospital

Another tragedy on Avenue Road

We don’t yet know all the facts of this case, but we do know that this 6-lane 2.1 km section of Avenue Road is dangerous for people on foot and on bikes, and even in cars – a matter that the Avenue Road Safety Coalition has continuously raised with local councillors and the city for seven long years. Today’s death is all the more tragic for its predictability. It is past time for solutions.

Safety must take priority. City staff options to correct the serious concerns along this stretch of Avenue Road are ready and must move forward.

The Avenue Road Safety Coalition will continue to press for timely action and that the  staff report be presented to the Infrastructure and Environment Committee before the summer recess.

The incident also highlights the importance of careful construction management and the need for closely monitored safe travel routes around these areas. Additionally, it draws attention to the danger of oversized trucks — actually warehouses on wheels – on busy downtown streets.