Make Avenue Road safer in 2022

We are happy to report some progress since our September 2021 public meeting in achieving our vision for a safe, vibrant, climate-friendly Avenue Road:

  1. The city has hired a consultant to study the feasibility of a revitalized Avenue Road. The consultant will also explore tactical interventions to improve safety that can be put in place more immediately. For more information, see the detailed scope of work and timelines for the Avenue Road Feasibility Study and Tactical Plan.
  2. City Hall has also developed a dedicated web page for information about the vision for a transformed Avenue Road (Bloor to St. Clair Ave), although there is as yet no timetable for the making of any changes, nor any allocation of funding. Community& pressure on City Hall will remain a key part of our work.
  3. Display panels showing the Brown + Storey Architects drawings for a transformed Avenue Road will be completed shortly. We plan to begin placing these panels in strategic indoor (and outdoor) locations shortly.
  4. The speed camera we requested was installed and in place on Avenue Road between July and October 22, 2021, generating 1,429 speeding tickets in that time period.  The camera has now been moved elsewhere. It is of course no surprise that speeding on Avenue Road is common. Speed cameras are effective devices, at least at the locations where they are placed. The re-design of Avenue Road is, however, the only way to effectively reduce speeding and improve safety.
  5. Many community members have already indicated a desire to help out as we move forward. Thank you. For others who want to help, please send us an email or message us on twitter.