The Avenue Road Study Update

The City’s Avenue Road Study is currently in progress with the goal “to find opportunities to improve the street with emphasis on safety, mobility choices, and enhancing streetscape. Streets are places where everyone should feel safe, comfortable and connected.”

The Phase 1 survey results have been published. The results affirm that safety improvements for all users along the Avenue Road corridor is a top priority. Public opinions showed the most common concerns of respondents were the high speed of traffic, insufficient space on sidewalks and buffer space between pedestrians and vehicles and indicated increased sidewalk widths and reduced vehicular speeding as their top priorities for change.

More details on the survey results are available in the Avenue Road Study on the City of Toronto website.

The ARSC is satisfied with the city’s Avenue Road Study and the Phase 1 survey results, however more ACTION is required to ensure the success of the study and the implementation of the reduction in the speed limit, and pedestrian safety improvements such as wider sidewalks and the reallocation of the roadway more equitably for all road users on Avenue Road. 

Future Avenue Road Study Plans and Public Consultation Meetings

We have heard that the City’s timelines have been changed and expect that Phase 2 will now proceed in early summer 2023, the Councillors and Transportation Services staff will arrange public consultation meetings to “share options for future improvements and potential for improvements for Avenue Road.”

After the consultations, Transportation Services will “present future vision on short-medium term implementation.”

NOW is the time to VOICE your opinions and desired safety improvements for Avenue Road between Bloor Street and St. Clair Avenue. 

What you can do now

  1. Send an email to the Avenue Road Study advocating for safety improvements such as slower speeds and wider sidewalks
  2. Participate in the future public consultation meetings scheduled for early summer 2023 
  3. Forward this article to your friends and neighbours 

The Avenue Road Safety Coalition continues to advocate for safer road designs for all vulnerable road users and we will continue to provide updates on the Avenue Road Study and request your participation in the upcoming public consultation meetings in early summer 2023.