We wish you the best for a safe and happy holiday!

Please stay alert! When drivers are distracted by weather, poor driving conditions and all the rush and bustle of season, pedestrians are at even more risk.

The recent piece in the Globe and Mail, For pedestrians in Toronto, there’s a near-death experience waiting at every intersection serves as a stark reminder to all our Avenue Road supporters their friends and families to be careful and safe during this busy holiday season.

Phoebe Maltz, a contributing columnist for the Globe and Mail describes herself as “a carless peasant, as well as a work-from-home urbanite who’d love nothing more than to see Avenue Road pedestrianized, with little cheese shops replacing the lanes. Maybe I’m insufferable. But I’d rather not be killed.”

While we can’t eliminate all the lanes, we all know that a six-lane, high-speed expressway is unsafe and hostile to pedestrians and has no place traversing a densely populated downtown neighbourhood. There is much room for improvement.

We are confident that Mayor Tory, Councillors Dianne Saxe and Josh Matlow are making resolutions for 2023 to make Avenue Road safer.

While you enjoy the holiday with your friends and families take a minute to sign up for the ARSC mailing list to stay informed on the latest issues affecting pedestrian safety on Avenue Road. 

The City’s Avenue Road Study will be having consultation in the new year. Watch for updates, attend meetings, raise your voices for change and encourage others to join and work for change and a safer 2023 on Avenue Road.